What are the software licensing modes?

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Riskan licensing conditions and prices are public and can be found at licenses & services link of Riskan page. Licenses may be individual (one user), corporate (multiple users of the same company) or academic/governmental (free for a specified time). Permits are always full and not transferable, for details, see standard license term.

  • The individual license entitles you to install Riskan in any number of user-owned machines, but only one can be used at a time and only by the buyer. When the individual license is purchased by a company, it shall designate an employee as system user and only one employee can use the system. The license can be transferred to another employee within the same company, but only one will be entitled to use at a time.
  • Corporate license can be used by any employee of a company, up to a limit of the number of users in the license. In this case, there is no need to designate a specific user, and all the employees of that company can use the system up to the limit established by the license.
  • The academic/governmental license is free and individual, provided for students and the government environmental agencies. This license is always for a limited period of time and subject to internal approval by Riskan prior to its issue.

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